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Selling your home can be a time consuming and stressful process. There’s a lot to consider – should you buy or sell first? When is the best time to sell? How do you choose a sales consultant? What’s the best way to market and sell your property? And those are only a few of the major considerations!

We want to make sure that you’re well informed of the whole selling process and know exactly what to expect every step of the way. The Landmark Harcourts Property Sellers Guide will cover everything you need to know from start to finish.

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Selling your Property with Landmark Scone

Landmark Harcourts is the joint venture regional and rural real estate company from two of Australasia’s leading brands, Landmark and Harcourts. 

Landmark has been part of rural Australia for 150 years. A leading agribusiness company, we offer merchandise, fertiliser, farm services, wool, livestock, finance, insurance and real estate. Today, we’re Australia’s largest distributor of merchandise and fertiliser, with 2000 employees servicing 100,000 clients in our national network of around 400 locations.

Harcourts has been at the forefront of real estate since 1888. Now operating through over 800 branches in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, USA, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Fiji, Botswana and Zambia, Harcourts continue to provide an exceptional property experience to customers and outstanding career opportunities to real estate professionals. 


1. Sale by auction 

Auctions are an effective way of creating a sense of urgency and a call-to-action amongst buyers, because an auction date forces the buyer to make a decision. 
• Competitive bidding can push up the price because the sale price is determined by what the market is prepared to pay. 
• Your property will be sold without conditions set by the purchaser. As the vendor, you set the terms of the sale. 
• Remember, you can always sell prior to auction if the price you’ve settled on is met. 

2. Sale by private treaty
When you sell by private treaty, the timing of the sale is open and as the vendor, you set the sale price. 
• This gives you greater privacy throughout the sale process. 
• Marketing costs are tailored to suit you and you are not locked into a predetermined date of sale. 

3. Sale by tender or expressions of interest 
As the vendor, you set the date and time for all tenders to be submitted - by setting this deadline, you force a decision. 
• With only one closed bid permitted per buyer, you encourage higher offers. 
• Discretion and confidentiality are maintained because you decide which offer to accept, while avoiding the emotion generated at an auction. 


As our valued Landmark Harcourts client, we will: 
1. Provide an appraisal of the estimated selling price for your property. 
2. Provide advice on the appropriate marketing campaign and timing to maximise market exposure. 
3. Organise and co-ordinate all marketing material and advertisement placements approved by you. 
4. Manage the marketing campaign schedule and timing. 
5. Screen and introduce qualified buyers to your property. 
6. Conduct inspections of your property with prospective buyers, where appropriate. 
7. Provide you with regular updates on the progress of the campaign and level of buyer interest. 
8. Present all offers to you. 
9. Negotiate a sale with buyers on your instructions, to ensure the maximum price for your property. 
10. Liaise with relevant parties to assist in the sale and settlement of your property. 


Buyer enquiries: We manage all buyer enquiries so we’re able to ensure that a consistent buyer follow-up process is always carried out. 
Marketing: We’ll be able to manage the way your marketing campaign is designed and implemented to ensure consistency. 
Reports: You’ll be updated with one concise campaign report on a weekly basis. 
Accuracy: We’ll be able to make sure all buyers are provided with the same consistent and accurate information about your property. 
Confidence: You can be confident that all offers will be managed and communicated promptly by us for your consideration. 
Convenience: There will be minimal disruption to your lifestyle because we’ll be able to schedule and conduct inspections with prospective purchasers at your convenience. 


When you sell your property through Landmark Harcourts, we follow a simple step-by-step selling process that will get you the results you’re looking for. We do our best to make what can sometimes be a stressful experience, easier for you. 
Step 1: Set your estimated selling price. 
Step 2: Select your method of sale. 
Step 3: Determine your marketing campaign schedule.
Step 4: Set your campaign dates. 
Step 5: Agree on a selling fee. 
Step 6: Sign the authority. 
Step 7: Commence your sale process.

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